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Heather Cobble

ISH - Transaction Coordinator at I Sell Homes

Heather Cobble, ISH-Transaction Coordinator
When an agent has good, reliable organization and follow through for their
contracts, they can focus on acquiring more business and converting more leads. My
job is to make the day-to-day operations much easier. I help my agents by lightening
the load and taking the lead on all the tasks scheduled and performed for a
transaction from contract to closing, which allows them the time they need to
nurture new and existing clients and relationships.
I know that no single approach is right for every client, but I also know the
procedures for closing a transaction are detailed and time sensitive.
My experience began in 2000 as an account manager and underwriter, and I have
worked in various capacities for several companies and teams such as REO and
Keller Williams. I’m also a UCF alumnus, a mother of three, and an avid fan of Sci-fi,
born and raised in Central Florida.

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